Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Started

Hi Friends,

This is the picture that is supposed to scare you into eating healthy and staying out of stressful and toxic environments. After this picture I became vegan.

Fast forward too many years later,

I started a vegan blog a while back. I am going to post some posts from my old "True Spirit Food" blog to help rev this new one, "Wholy Healthy," up.

I wrote this last spring, while in Seattle, over looking Elliot Bay.


Before I actually get into any recipes, I want to prep you for new ways of thinking about how and what to buy when preparing the truest food for your spirit, family and friends.

Some rules of thumb:

1) The foods with the least packaging most likely have the least processing. For example, the produce section of a grocery store, if you quiet your mind, you can feel how alive it is. You don’t really even need to put your tomatoes into a plastic bag to get them home! Also, I love the bulk food sections, especially at stores or co-ops which let you weigh and fill up your own jars. This eliminates SO much waste, AND cuts down on how many trips you have to take to empty your trash and/or recycling bins.

2) Always organic. I respect the fact that each individual has his or her own standards for what they are willing to put into their bodies. Personally I’d rather fast than consume poison, or food that was grown with or around poisons.

3) Local local local. Getting your food from local sources not only ensures you are getting fresher products but also supports farmers in your area and cuts down on all the energy used to transport those huge semi trucks from miles and miles and miles away.

For Produce:

1) Having your own garden is probably the best option for the freshest highest quality produce. That’s if you are lucky enough to have the space, land and time for getting a garden set up. If you are not so lucky as to have the time and space…

2) Try a CSA. CSA’s are “Community Supported Agriculture.” These are so great for the community! You sign up for the season, usually pay up front so that the farmer can use that money to buy seeds for the season, but I’m sure some places have different payment plans. Each week or so you either go and pick up a box of fresh produce directly from the farm, or sometimes there are pick up locations closer to where you live. Google CSA’s in your area.

3) Farmers Markets are also a great way to get uber fresh produce. Usually you can talk directly to the farmer. Even if they don’t have an Organic certification, you can ask them questions about their farming practices and find out if their standards meet your standards.

For your Lentils, Rices, Grains, Nuts and other such Spices not available from your local farmers….

Co-ops are great! Usually you can sign up to be a member and attend meetings to help make decisions on what sort of standards you and your community will set for the food you decide to stock. Don’t forget to bring your jars!

Next post I will confess my love for wide mouth ball jars!